On Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 Ross Deal filed his candidacy for re-election to the Indiana House of Representatives District 7. Now on his 2nd year of serving the citizens of Southern St. Joseph County, Ross is excited to continue working for you.

Who is Ross Deal?

I am a lifelong resident of St. Joseph county County with a variety of professional and personal experiences.

  • As a US Marine Corps veteran, I am uniquely able to advocate for the needs of veterans in the statehouse
  • After owning my own small business for 29 years, the needs of small business owners are always on my mind in Indianapolis
  • I’m just a few short years short of retiring, and the issues faced by seniors are more apparent to me than ever
  • As a father to 4 adult children, I see the struggles of young adults and families starting careers and buying their first homes
  • I’ve served in local government and have always advocated for local governments to have the power to make their own decisions without the influence of Indianapolis

I will ALWAYS vote my district, above politics and above party. No one owns my vote but the people I serve in house district 7.

Ross With Advanced Practicing Nurses
Ross with Advanced Practicing Nurses


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the existing flaws in our healthcare system. It is vital now, more than ever, that we all have access to high-quality healthcare. Healthcare has been historically treated as a privilege and not as the human right that it is.

Two of the issues causing health care costs to rise can be directly related to Pharmacy Benefit Managers and prescription drugs. Myself and other Democratic legislators have worked on legislation regulate PBM’s and to cap the cost of prescription drugs. These efforts are consistently voted down along party lines by Republicans. Similarly, an amendment was presented by the Democrat caucus to allow for the importation of FDA approved drugs from Canada. This too was defeated on party lines.

I am committed to improving access to healthcare in our state. I plan to continue working on a variety of efforts to cap the cost of prescription drugs and reduce the expense of healthcare premiums. No Hoosier should live in fear of bankruptcy from medical expenses.

  • I will support legislation to cap prescription drug costs
  • I will support legislation allowing for cheaper FDA approved drugs to be imported from Canada
  • I will work to regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers to decrease healthcare costs
Ross Deal Red For Ed
Ross Deal with #RedForEd Supporters at the Statehouse


For years the Indiana Republican supermajority has worked to dismantle our public schools across the state of Indiana. In 2009 then governor Mitch Daniels cut an additional 300 million dollars from school funding. That money was never recovered.

Traditional public schools have lost ground, especially in light of the fact that the pie has so many more divisions than before. In the latest budget passed strictly on party lines, traditional public schools were given a 2.06 % increase in ’20 and 2.07 % for ’21. Charter schools received 10.30% in ‘20 and 10.47% in ‘21. Virtual schools received increases of 5.25% in ‘20 and 9.14% in ‘21. Voucher schools received 9.28% and 5.60% increases. So, when asked if I would change anything about the current funding structure, I say yes! Our primary obligation is to educate students in traditional public schools.

If we are to invest in the future of our community, we have to invest in education. My focus is first and foremost on increasing teacher pay, with additional focus on improving the accountability measures put in place by the state for teachers and administrators. To ensure a high-quality education for our children we must do everything we can to support our teachers.

  • I will work to increase teacher pay
  • I will listen to teachers and other education stakeholders when making decisions that impact them
  • I will continue to fight for increased public school funding
Ross Deal working with the Food Bank of Northern Indiana


There is a gap in wages hurting our state. There is a gender pay gap. There is a racial pay gap. These gaps are impacting the main breadwinners of our families, and the Republican supermajority has done nothing to address them. Other states have been shrinking their wage gaps by taking actual steps to address them.

In Indiana, so called “right to work” legislation effectively took away the rights of workers to negotiate with employers for wages and working conditions. The republican supermajority has harmed workers by repealing the common construction wage. Recently attempts have been made to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour, only to be stopped by Republicans.

Even before the impact of COVID-19, Hoosiers had gone far too long without seeing wage increases that kept up with the cost of living in Indiana. I plan to continue my work to increase wages in our state, increasing the economic opportunities for all Hoosiers, and helping to grow the middle class.

  • I will vote to increase the minimum wage
  • I will work to reinstate the common construction wage
  • I will support efforts to repeal “right to work” laws